Thank you for visiting this micro website. We would like to share useful information with you about our next event, about 5th Vulcan Village Hungary - 2022 which is our national rally.

We did it to help you to have an overview about the programs and events which we plan to present for you during your stay.

We hope you will find this useful and we will meet soon.


We will open the gates on 20th of June 2022 at 14:00

The location of the rally is:

Jonathermál Motel és Kemping


Kőkút u. 26

Kiskunmajsa, 6120


GPS coordinates:

46.521341346288494, 19.747238210204667


End of the official part of the rally is 22th of June 2022




Monday - 20th of June 2022

We are waiting for you to arrive on Monday. On this day we ensure you can relax from the fatigues of the road.

After you have checked-in, drank the welcome drink and occupied your accommodation, you can talk to your friend, drink some cold beers and you can enjoy the service of the SPA. During your stay you can visit the nearby Thermal SPA anytime in the opening hours.

After a relaxing afternoon we are waiting for you to have dinner. Following the dinner you can join the evening party.

Tuesday - 21th of June 2022

If you survived the Monday evening party, it is the time to have breakfast.

After the rich breakfast we should ride a few kilometers to visit interesting places. The final program is still forming but we have a few options in the basket already.

Visit the national historical monument park in Ópusztaszer where you can get familiar with the history of the Hungarian nation.

Visit the Mercedes factory in Kecskemét.

We will arrive back in time in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the free time and SPA till dinner.

In the evening, we will regroup to meet at the "Hoppá" party.


Wednesday - 22th of June 2022

It is the last day of the official part of the 5th Vulcan Village Hungary in 2022. We will say goodbye to those who go somewhere else.


For those who will ride to the International rally it is the day off. If you don't want to ride somewhere we offer an Extra day.

During this Extra day, you can stay in the camp and relax or you can join a program.


Extra day - 22nd of June

You have an opportunity to stay in the camp one more day. This option is available for all riders who attended the rally.

For this day we offer a special program. During this extra day you can visit our capital, the beautiful Budapest.

We will go to Budapest by rented bus in the morning on 22nd of June (Wednesday), where a tour guide will help to get to know the most interesting and famous places of Budapest. Next to that we can show places which are less visited by tourists and probably you won’t check out if you go to Budapest alone. For example, we plan to visit the Zwack factory where they produce the famous Unicom liquor.

Those who don't want to join this tour, the thermal SPA will be available or they can do a motorcycle trip to visit nearby places.

If you want to stay with us for this Extra day please submit your registration in advance.


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